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Dear Drivers,

When we were launching CLUB we thought it will be used by a small group of passionate karting drivers. However - the interest from your side was much higher then we expected. Right now we have nearly 3.000.000 drivers registered and over 750.000.000 laps in the database.

CLUB has not been designed to handle such volumes of data. Therefore - some of you experienced difficulties in using the platform recently.

The bad news is - we've decided to shutdown CLUB panel. The good news is - we've already started working on a new platform! This time - perfectly capable of hosting billions of laps and milions of drivers.

Ladies and Gentlemen - meet racebook - the social racing platform.

kartingmanager TEAM


  1. What about my results so far?
    racebook will import all your results from the past. Not a single lap will be lost. We know how important it is :)
  2. Do you plan mobile apps?
    Yes - there will be an android and iOS mobile app. Both free!
  3. I'm a developer / designer. Can I help?
    Possibly yes.. :) Drop as an email at


If you have any feedback or ideas for our new platform - feel free to share it via